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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

trips and falls

Today was an outstanding day! I'm working at the church Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday which leaves Sunday (a work day, remember?) and Wednesday free. Well I've been eager to occupy those days and today was my first day watching Maddie. Sweet, wonderful Maddie!
We started off our day of fun with breakfast at a cute little tea room. While waiting for our crepes (Maddie ordered for the both of us) my little friend spotted a shelf of books on the other side of the room. She walked over and, with care, picked out two books and brought them back to our table. For her own reading pleasure she chose a book about a family of owls. And for me....ancient people. To be honest...I wanted to read about the exciting journey of the owl family but I guess Maddie didn't think it was age-appropriate. I guess I should grow up and read boring things...i just don't wanna.
Next we walked out to the parking lot and it was then when I experienced the first fall of the day. Wet step. SMACK. Maddie thought it was funny.
Ski Dubai was the most thrilling part of the day. We, with much trouble, put on all our skiing gear and waited for the instructor. I forgot what cold weather feels like. Walking into that life-sized snow globe was a bit shocking! I'm becoming a warm weather wimp. We learned how to do the basics and then got on the conveyer belt ski lift thing and as soon as I reached the top I took a tumble. Again, Maddie thought it was funny. Not a good start.
"pull yourself together, woman. A child can get off this crazy thing with no problem!"
First time down the hill...i'm out in 5 seconds. give or take. maddie thought it was funny.
First time going down the higher hill...out in 3 seconds. give or take. maddie thought it was funny.
Over all it was AMAZING! If you can believe it we both did better than expected. I'm looking forward to going back and taking a few more spills down the only skiing slope in the desert.
At lunch maddie realized she took the key to the mens room at our dads office. It may have been an interesting day at work :/
Window shopping.
Work out.
First thing Maddie said when we got in the car with Jane was, "Emma. FALL! ha ha ha". I pretended like there was one time during the day when I had a little stumble.
When out walking with the family (this means anna too) i tripped over the pavement.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Almost in a routine

What on earth are we doing here? We've been here for about 2 weeks and I know one thing for sure, this is an amazing place to be.
I met with the pastor of the church I hope to intern with. He terrified me, to be perfectly honest! I walked out of that interview with one thought that stuck out more than the others, "I gotta step it up" I need to be pushing myself to grow and learn and be in the Word constantly.
I hate laziness.
I hate selfishness.
These things keep me from growing and understanding. These things keep me from change. I have a lot to learn from the staff members of the church, I can tell already.
Anna is going to class every afternoon and comes home each night with great stories. She is experiencing college in a whole new way with people who view the world in a whole new light.
We go to the beach often and walk around the marina. We work out and watch people play tennis from the balcony (it's a bit creepy). We've been to a college group where we met some really nice students.
My dad loves his work and my mom hasn't been afraid to jump right in and start driving around a strange city. Things are going great so i can't figure out why i sometimes feel a little sad. Maybe i feel guilty. maybe it's just the reality of change.
either way...i'm blessed

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

my good shepherd

We just ended our third day in Dubai. Almost a week ago we were heading to the airport unsure of how our day to day lives would look like. i'm still not sure what our life will be like exactly but the picture is much more clear. We're in a beautiful apartment with a view of the city which still blows my mind. The other night i was feeling a little low and i went out on to our balcony. it was windy and the city lights reflected in the water of the channel. i started to wisper a few of my favorite hymns and soon i was well restored. It's beautiful out there.

Anna and I are sharing a room with a big window overlooking the tennis courts and other buildings under construction. We sit there and watch the men working. It's the funnies thing. Everyday the men take naps after lunch; they just lay down near the edges and sleep. One time a guy tried to wake up the others and they started smacking each other a little and his hard hat fell 4 stories. SO FUNNY!

We've been working out, playing tennis, and taking walks. Today we went to the beach and saw a man riding camels along the beach offering rides to tourists. random. Tomorrow I'm going with Anna to her school to register because i have nothing else to do. Tomorrow night we're going to a game night at the church so i can meet with the church staff and set up a time to do an interview.

There are things going on here which are troubling. People are crying out for a savior. We just watched a video about a man who works in Lebanon as a shepherd. He said some really beautiful things. He said that if a sheep were to get lost he would call for it because the sheep know its master's voice. The sheep would cry out for its shepherd until it was found. It cries out...

There are a lot of beautiful things here but i need to be careful that i don't get caught up. There are hurting people. I had forgotton my desire and need for God until i went out on the balcony and found Him in the silence. I cry out for my God even when i don't recognize it.

"For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd;

he will lead them to springs of living water.

And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes" Rev. 7:17

Sunday, January 4, 2009


We had a wonderful group of people see us off at the airport (mostly anna's family) plus margie, christi and mama meer! leaving is hard. there is really no doubt about that. but going somewhere new is wonderful. I tend to get very attached to people. a lot of the flight was spent thinking about missing those people at the airport. i felt sick in my heart for them. I have to remember that i'll be back soon. there are people who always stay the same. not that they don't grow and change preferences but there are just those kinds of people who are solid. they are the kind of people who weather the storms with you. They are still there even if it's been a while.

Change is sweet and sour. For me, the sour rips me apart so it's esecially important to focus on the sweet.
The sweet side:
We arrived in London early on Jan. 2nd and wasted no time at all. We got on a big red bus and started touring London. We saw Big Ben, the Tower of London, the Tower Bridge, we ate fish and chips, and many other things. Our room was crazy...nothing worked.
Anna: "remember when we were in America and things work when you turned them on?" those days are long gone.

Me: "Mom, what time are we meeting you in the lobby?"
Mom: "7:30"
Me: "that's impossible...it's 8:45 right now"
Mom: "oh. Then...9"

Man: "where are you staying?"
Anna: "...London"
We met some crazy men at a bus stop who wanted to get married. i freaked out but anna laughed. Anna almost died on the escalator. and i have a secret to keep from Margie already :)

Wicked was amazing! I have thought often about how glad i am to have a friend here with me. this experience would have been so much different without a good friend to share it with. We just arrived in Dubai only a few hours ago and to be honest...it's frightening to think about living here for the next few months. Our apartment is unbelievable. I feel very spoiled and a little guilty. Mama meer corrected me and said i'm just very blessed. she's right.

Tim (he and his wife, Tiff, are wonderful!) told me to pray for opportunities. so i'm going to try really hard to see with eyes which are not mine. i want to see things differently this time around. How can i be a blessing? I want to learn how to truly love people.