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Monday, October 26, 2009

Little Thoughts of Family

I was created to be in a family. I was created to be around families. I see in myself a genuine joy when I spend time knowing people and knowing them well. I love to have pointless fights and long talks about our maker. My mom and dad are serving the Lord in the Middle East for this season and I am over whelmed with peace about their obedience to His calling.
Tonight I talked with two of my close friends about where we want to be in 5 or 10 years- close to family? I sometimes think I want to be international to avoid being an average selfish American and then other times I want to live in Ohio where there is stability. The thing is....I can't make that call right now. God is the One who will guide my feet and direct my path. Thank goodness I don't have to come up with the best recipe for God-fearing children and a well rounded marriage. It's out of my hands and I am at peace.
I have family. My family is living in Dubai, in Grand Rapids, Calvin College, New Albany Ohio, Dublin Ohio, the dorms, off campus housing, Canal Winchester, Dover, and Big Walnut. I love my family whether we are related by blood or by Christ's blood. I rejoice in them. Paul never ceased to pray for the faithful followers and I want to be in constant prayer for my family.
God is good all the time. All the time He is good. When I fail and when people turn on each other. When I am hurting and when I am growing. God is good.
I was created to be apart of a family and I have family in abundance.