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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I guess I'm home now....

I'm home. Whew, when did THAT happen? To be exact it happened 7 and a half weeks ago. I should be use to it by now, shouldn't I? Yes, I really should. Adjusting to an unchanged Ohio was harder than adjusting to the middle east and I wish I could say I handled the shift well. I did not. I cried and felt alone for the first several weeks. I sat around wondering what on earth I'm suppose to do and where did my best friend go? Oh, she lives at her own home now.
Sometimes I feel like someone is playing Barbie's with my life. When I was little my childhood best friend and I would play Barbie's for hours. (I've come to a point in my life where I'm no longer ashamed to admit that....it's who I was at the ripe age of 5 and I accept that.) Those Barbie's went through a lot of changes in their small plastic lives- living in campers, mansions, airplanes, with relatives, on the staircase, in the attic, underwater, on the play set and the list goes on and on. We created new lives for them in each location.
Indiana Wesleyan= margie Dubai= my mom, dad and anna. Home= mom, brother, no dad, no anna and a dog. college will be a sister, cousins, anna, dan, alex and thousands of college students. Someone is playing Barbi's with my life.
Thank goodness I'm not made of plastic (most days) and the one picking me up and placing me in different places with different people is NOT a 5 year old. I had no reason for moving Barbi and her family to a cruise ship before moving to the backyard, they never learned important life lessons or discovered how to better relate with one another. Good news, MY GOD HAS A PLAN! yes, He does teach me things and show me how to love the people who He's placed in my life but ultimately He's showing me that His glory is the reason for ALL THINGS. So even when I feel like people and places are fading in and out I know that one thing remains, the Word of the Lord. He brought me up out of sin and then adopted me into His family. Without His hands in my life I would still be dead in my sin and hurting for a savior. Praise God for His mysterious and glorious plan, the plan of salvation.