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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It doesn't end with something happy?

Tonight I sat in McConn doing my homework and celebrating the cold weather with a hot cup of coffee. I overheard two girls chatting about youtube videos. I didn't pay much attention to what they were saying until I heard one of the two describe a terribly bloody death of a baby animal. The other responded..."that's it? it doesn't end with something happy?" I can't help but laugh. A story is just not good if it ends without a glimmer of hope.

This made me think of a quote from a favorite movie of mine...The Importance of Being Earnest, "The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what fiction means." There is something in us that wants a happy ending. I know this is not a new or profound statement...but I've never really given it much thought before. However, it seems like happy endings are a rare occurrence in our world. things either never come to any particular end or if they do it is often far from perfection.(not quite what it would be if it were a movie)
We live in a broken world. Broken relationships, broken hearts, broken identity, and broken lives. Yet we hold on to a happy ending. Maybe we were created to feel this longing for things to end justly....no not justly...happily. If things end justly we'll have to get what we deserve...and who actually wants that? I'm not just talking about fairy tales but rather any story at all. We want, maybe even need, everything to be okay. Good news. It does. Just when you think there's no hope left...the victim fights back, the morning finally comes, the hero bursts in, the heart starts to beat again. And in that moment...something feels right.

so if the world falls apart and theres absolutely no way out...don't worry. Jesus is probably about to come down to snatch us up. "glory, here we come"

...and they really honestly truly lived...


Thursday, November 6, 2008

College Kid

I started in late Aug. and it's already November. Today as I walked through the Student Center I felt...comfortable. It's taken longer than I had expected to adjust but finally the adjustment has been made. Now that I'm feeling great about school...'it's time to change again', says God.

I've learned more than I ever could have if I had stayed home. I've learned to appreciate my parents, do ALL of your dishes, laundry- it isn't one of those things you can put off, set your stuff down at a table before getting food, use candles and febreze, drink coffee, stock up on toilet paper, when confused it's better to walk around pretending to know exactly what you need to do until you actually figure it out, records will give you a hug if you look confused about classes, checking mail is pointless, only go to McConn if you have time to wait in line, if you bake in the kitchen you make friends (many friends), if people are loud at night it's better to join them rather than shush them, and finally, it's nice to know people in high places!

As for the next season in my life...I'll be glad to have another list of new discoveries.