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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Before our ski lesson, Maddie and I got lunch together in the food court at Mall of the Emirates (which we have come to call MOE). We lifted our small paper cups filled with coke and i said, "What shall we drink to, Miss Maddie? Skiiing? Dancing?" She said nothing. I asked again, "What should we drink to?" After a short pause she said, louder than i would have prefered, "ME!" then bumped her cup to mine and took a big swig.
So here's to Maddie. She doesn't mind toasting to herself every now and again. Sometimes I want to toast to myself too. I want to give myself a pat on the back when I win those secret victories like not falling when I get off the ski lift. Good job, Emma- you're doing great.
I've been looking back through my journals and noticed that most of my prayers start with. "What is the matter with me? I fail at everything. Help me get it right." Well today I'm going to celebrate my little victories and forget about my lame..ness.
So here's to taking a shower this morning even though I didn't feel like it. Here's to tipping the taxi driver an appropriate amount (I usually tip way too much). Here's to talking to people about things I'm nervous talking about (religion and relationships). Here's to holding my tongue when I really want to kick and scream.
Here's to making silly movies. Here's to good friends and great talks. Here's to Bible studies and beach time. Here's to skype. Here's to God and the many little victories He has throughout each day.
And here's to you for reading this blog. I know it wasn't easy...


erin fry said...

here, here! [clink]

B said...

I'll toast to you Emma!
-Beth C

Sarah said...

Emma, it's always a joy.
Cheers--and blessings :)
And also--it was good to see your face the other day!

Darla said...

Miss Emma,
You are the bestest. I miss you guys so much. Keep toasting the successes and the blessings

Kathy T said...

you are the toast of any town, memma - so here's to you!!!

Anonymous said...

Buy yourself some flowers and celebrate you and life !!

shirley b.